Stained Glass Cartoons for Holy Ghost Church

Over the past fortnight I’ve been setting out drawings for a new church commission in my studio, and in order to further the work today I needed over 20 square meters of floor space to lay the lights out in sequence. I found that my studio was too small! It was nice then to discover a space around the corner that was happy to help called the The Elephant House. It’s a new venue in it’s infancy already staging all sorts of activities and classes, both language and art classes were running there today. If your local to the Bedminster area it’s worth keeping an eye on and following on Facebook. I hear they also like ping pong!

This week has also seen the delivery of some twenty sheets of antique glass that I ordered a few weeks ago for the commission. They are beautiful colours so I’m looking forward to seeing how they work together on my light boxes at the cutting stage soon.

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