Holy Spirit Windows for Exmouth Holy Ghost Church

I’ve not used my blog for several months but am going to catch up with myself by making a series of posts to get myself back on track.

It’s nearly a year to the day that I last wrote about this commission. At the time I was cutting the glass and starting to make painted glass samples. The commissioners had visited me and were pleased with the progress. Because the whole project was made in my studio without the help of fabricators it was my sole responsibility to get every detail right. I was methodical in the way that I worked: meticulous with the working drawings, careful with the type of glass I used and the colours I selected, mindful to gradiate the flow of colour to perfectly match the design, painting every piece of glass and firing it in my kiln, using lively textures and marks in the paint and etching and silver staining the glass where necessary. It was a lot of work and took a long time. The installation was successfully completed over two days, on time for the first of the Churches special centenary celebration events. It was lovely to have such overwhelming feedback from the church and parishioners about the new windows which can be seen in additional images on my “New Church Windows” page here.

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